JLF 10 Ft Coiled Leash for Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)


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COMPACT – Coiled design keeps the 10’ long leash out of your way until you need it.

LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE– You won’t even notice that you have it on.

UNIVERSAL FIT – This leash can be used on any inflatable stand up paddle board with a d-ring or handle to attach it to.

EASY TO SETUP – Attach one end of the leash to the board and the other to you and you are ready to go!

EASY TO USE – Heavy duty Velcro makes it simple to use.  No need to read a book of instructions or watch you tube videos. 

Buying a paddle board is one of the best and most fun life decisions you can make.  It’s loads of fun, a great workout, and most importantly, anyone can do it because it’s easy to learn. Our JLF Adventures leash makes a perfect gift item or to add to your own equipment.