JLF 2-Piece Adjustable Kayak Paddle with Carbon Fiber Shaft, Carbon Fiber Blade and Bag



**Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery**

THIS PADDLE IS AMAZING!  Have you ever heard, “Do not skimp on your paddle because it’s your motor?”  Well, it’s true!

DURABLE – You will love the durability of our Carbon Fiber paddle shaft and Carbon Fiber paddle blade.

STRONG – The rigidity of the Carbon Fiber Shaft and Carbon Fiber Blade gives you strength in paddling.  Go farther with each stroke!

LIGHT WEIGHT – Stay on the water longer and explore farther with the minimal weight of this paddle!

ADJUSTABLE - This paddle is adjustable 218-230cm in length and 0-90 degrees in angle, so paddlers of all heights can enjoy this paddle.

CARRY BAG Included!

Buying a kayak is one of the best and most fun life decisions you can make!  It’s loads of fun, a great workout, and most importantly, anyone can do it because it’s easy to learn. Our JLF Adventures Carbon Fiber paddle makes a perfect gift item or to add to your own equipment.



Customer Reviews

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Sean W.
Best paddle I’ve ever had!

This paddle is extremely light weight. I loved that it cut through the water easily. The shaft was a smaller diameter so I could grip it more comfortably. There are multiple adjustments for customizable length and angle of the blades. The mechanism to adjust the paddle was easy to use and strong and sturdy. The shaft did not spin once I got it to my desired length and angle. I would highly recommend this paddle.