JLF Detachable SUP Kayak Seat and 4th Piece of Fiberglass Paddle (Blade for Kayak Paddle Conversion)

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  • CONVERT TO A SIT-ON-TOP KAYAK - This package is made to convert your 11' JLF Paddle board set to a kayak.  Clip on the seat and swap out the 4th piece of the paddle!
  • PADDLE LONGER - The JLF Detachable Kayak Seat is designed to give you the back support you need to paddle for hours.
  • COMFORT - The JLF Detachable Kayak Seat's cushioned, form fitting design if for all body sizes and shapes.  Seat Back:  16.5 in wide x 18 in tall.  Seat Bottom:  15 in wide x 13 in long.
  • ADJUSTABLE - The JLF Detachable Kayak Seat's straps are customizable for your comfort.
  • QUALITY - JLF only uses the highest quality of materials and lightweight!  The clips non-corrosive and are made of Copper with a metal finish.  The kayak seat weighs only 2.5 lbs!