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JLF 15 Ft Inflatable SWIM MAT
JLF 15 Ft Inflatable SWIM MAT
JLF 15 Ft Inflatable SWIM MAT

JLF 15 Ft Inflatable SWIM MAT

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JLF Adventures now offers Inflatable Swim Mats!
Our Inflatable Swim Mats are awesome because they are sturdy in the water and portable.  They easily deflate and roll up!  You can take them boating, camping, to a beach or anywhere you want to go.  They are fun for the whole family!
We keep our swim mats thin (3in) to give you the feel and fun of a foam mat.  Our top is completely smooth and free of all handles, rings and valves so you and your family can run, play and slide safely. 
If you're looking for something more 'adult' and want to sit securely in a chair on top, check out our JLF inflatable rafts/docks (6in thick). 
Swim Mat Specifications:
  • Dimensions:  15ft x 5ft x 3in 
  • Handles:  8 Total – 2 on each side (for handling)
  • D-Rings:  4 Total -  one on each corner on the bottom (for anchoring), stainless steel
  • Valve on the bottom
  • PVC Colors:  Light Grey Top, Blue Bottom, Blue Sides 
  • No EVA Pad
  • Weight: 44lbs 
  • Accessories:  Dual Action Hand Pump, Carry Bag
  • Inflate to 5-15 psi in 10 minutes.
  • Warranty:  2 Years
  • Lead Time:  3-4 Weeks

Note:  We also offer customization, so if you want a different shape, size, color, etc., contact us at

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